Saturday 15 July 2017

AWS Greengrass opening more doorways for a better cloud computing service provider

Amazon Web Services are inventing new services and launching them at the event of AWS summit. AWS Greengrass provide the ability to perform AWS Lambda functions on devices and combines IoT and Server less Technology. Greengrass is available in US-East and US-West AWS regions.

Users who have opted for enterprise level invest more in IoT connected devices where they want more connectivity and computing capabilities. Greengrass will help the developers and users to focus on the real world circumstances. For additional Analytics and storage, AWS Greengrass will enable a device to work on Data and securely transmit. Combining Lambda with AWS Greengrass core SDK will help in executing server less function locally by establishing secure connections and also support MQTT messaging on devices.

AWS Greengrass helps in opening up the hybrid cloud possibilities and it is one of the few products that run in on premises. Greengrass runs also on very lightweight or complicated computing systems which will enable IT administrators to use the AWS programming model.
Greengrass can be accessed from the AWS management console, AWS Command Line Interface or Application programming interface. AWS has also added a variety of other features and support.
The benefits of using Amazon Web Services Greengrass are as follows:-

1.    Encounter with Real time circumstances:-

AWS Greengrass will provide the ability for the developers to act locally on the data at the same time they can also operate cloud for management, durable storage, and analytics.

2.    Operate Offline:-

Once Greengrass device is synchronized with AWS IoT, it will provide consistent functionality even despite of connectivity strength.

3.    Improved Security:-

In AWS Greengrass the device with the data is authenticated and encrypted which makes the data security stronger by not letting it get exchanged with any device without proven identity.

4.    AWS Lambda Device Programming Simplified:-

AWS Greengrass will allow you to execute AWS Lambda operation locally which ultimately reduces the complexity of developing ingrained software.

5.    Cost effective way of running IoT Applications:-

You can program it to filter device data locally and only transmit the data that you only need. It will reduce the number of raw data transmitted to the cloud and it will also reduce the cost. It will also increase the quality of your data that you send to the cloud. 

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