Saturday 29 July 2017

Amazon announced that you can now tag your Spot Fleet EC2 instances

You can now tag your Spot using Amazon EC2 Spot Fleet which will automatically multiply to instances set up by your fleet. Spot Fleet customers can easily track their ownership, implement compliance protocols, control access to Spot instances via IAM policies and drive their cost accounting processes. AWS customers had to first tag their instances which are set by Spot Fleet so they had to write and manage custom code. As now Amazon EC2 supports user tags you can now tag 50 users per launch specification and Spot Fleet will automatically tag instances launch on your behalf. The benefit of a tag is that you can classify AWS resources when you have many resources of the same type in a variety of ways such as by owner, environment or purpose.  With the help of tags, you can now swiftly analyse a particular resource based on the tags. This feature is available in all regions where Amazon EC2 spot fleet is available.

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