Friday 16 June 2017

DevOps on Amazon Web Services

DevOps is a system where the Information Technology Operation and Software Development are combined which mainly results in the conspiration for better efficiency in the management. All the process are combined into one to improve the efficiency thus testing, building and bringing forth software into the market will be agile, quick and will be reliable


Amazon Web Services have come up with excellent services which can help in delivering products with the use of DevOps and AWS. This will be productive and economical for the company to invest so that to increase the reliability and quality of their product. Amazon Web Services will perform the following function such as to supervise your application, manage the infrastructure and also increase the performance, expand the application code, Streamline the provisions and Robotize software release process.

With the use of DevOps, it can increase the reliability and also combines the different cultural philosophies, process and the tools which will give a further push to increase the ability to deliver the products and application at an acceleration of a higher growth and quality. The Use of the traditional software is an outdated and slow process because the growth and the quality were limited but with the invention of this new practice, it can enable a faster growth and betterment of the company because DevOps is the new face of the software development in the market. The faster and reliable the service the more the customer’s growth increases so as to accelerate your competency DevOps should be inculcated into the process.

aws DevOps

How will DevOps into AWS services accelerate your growth?

1.    Simplifies the Process:-

AWS services will help in managing a single situation or even attending a thousand configurations at one time. The provision is simplified and configuration is been eased out with the use of AWS services. Thus the configuration, provisioning and scaling system will be solved faster.

2.    Quicker Setup:-

It is very easy to set up the AWS service because there isn’t software to install and no procedure to imply. You just need to have an AWS account ready.

3.    Mainly concentrates on the core product:-

There isn’t any time wasted in setting up or installing the software or even spending much time in configuring the system. AWS services will make sure that you invest more time in the core product so that its quality and service increases.

4.    Programmable:-

AWS service is very flexible so that you can enable each service through AWS Command Line Interface or you can also go through SDK’s and API’s. You can monitor your AWS resources by using AWS Cloud Formation Templates.

5.    Robotize your system:-

AWS services are automated so that you can perform your task with ease and faster by automating the manual task, configuration management, container management, deployments developments and test workflows.

6.    Secure Strongly:-

AWS has AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) to increase the security by setting up permissions and policies.

7.    Large Association of Partners:-
AWS services are supported by many partners so it will be easier for you to service the third party and also use open source tools with AWS to increase the productivity.

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