Tuesday 7 December 2021

Catch top 10 announcements, news & more from AWS re:Invent 2021

AWS re:Invent, flagship event of Amazon Web Services where people from cloud community around the globe gather to learn, brainstorm ideas and listen to AWS leaders. This year re:Invent was hosted in Las Vegas. Some of the key announcements from re:Invent 2021 are:

  1. AWS Amplify Studio was launched, it is a new visual development environment that allows developers to create web application user interfaces (UIs) with minimal coding, while still being able to fully customize the apps’ design and behavior using familiar programming languages such as JavaScript.  
  2. The launch of AWS Cloud WAN, a managed wide area network (WAN) service
  3. Free access to a version of Amazon Sagemaker
  4. Customer Carbon Footprint Reporting announced
  5. New instances powered by AWS-designed chips lower costs and increase energy efficiency
  6. AWS Private 5G Network announcement
  7. AWS IoT TwinMaker announcement
  8. New $10 million education and scholarship program is announced to help underrepresented and underserved students globally prepare for careers in machine learning
  9. Amazon Redshift Serverless – Run Analytics At Any Scale Without Having to Manage Data Warehouse Infrastructure
  10. Sustainability - Pillar for AWS Well-Architected Framework

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