Monday 1 June 2020

Container health checks and load balancer views in Spinnaker v1.20 features are introduced by Amazon ECS

Amazon ECS (Elastic Container Service) is an entirely organized container orchestration service. Further, ECS can easily merge with other AWS services to involve new potentials to ECS. Now Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) introduced assistance for container health checks and a new user interface for load balancers in Spinnaker v1.20. And you can utilize container health checks via a Spinnaker deployment pipeline which is merged with ECS services. You can also outlook and sort load balancers for ECS services in Spinnaker itself to see load balancers and the deployment pipeline for your ECS services in the same tool. ECS containerized applications deployed using a Spinnaker deployment pipeline can now utilize container health checks to control whether containers are set to receive requests. Earlier, container health checks could be configured in Spinnaker, but were not estimated through ECS deployments. Now deployments to ECS services will hold for any configured container health checks to finish before get going. Further, you can outlook the load balancers, listeners, and target groups related with ECS services inside the Load Balancer Infrastructure tab. This allows you outlook and sort load balancers in use by ECS services in Spinnaker itself, rather than AWS Management Console. Visit the Spinnaker release notes to learn more about the release. To set up the Spinnaker pipeline with ECS, visit the Spinnaker documentation. To learn more about the container health checks, visit the ECS documentation .

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