Friday 6 March 2020

Open Source Remote Helper feature announced by AWS CodeCommit

AWS CodeCommit is an entirely organised source control (or version control) service that is the practice of tracing and handling modifications to code which makes it simple for organisations to host safe and most scalable private Git repositories. The remote helper is open source and available for community contributions through pull requests to its GitHub repository. Now AWS CodeCommit offers a new feature an open-source remote helper for Git, git-remote-codecommit. This package widens Git and provides using authentication for CodeCommit repository access through profile details configured via the AWS CLI. This feature helps both IAM users and access using assumed roles, identity providers, and federated access. Read documentation to get more information on the AWS CodeCommit and you can go through our walkthrough or visit the console. And to get the complete list of AWS Regions where AWS CodeCommit is accessible, refer documentation.

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