Tuesday 18 February 2020

Journey Through Cloud With AWS

Introduction to AWS
AWS is a company which provides on-demand cloud computing platforms and APIs to individuals their customers. This company provides you with cloud services where you can store your data securely and access it later through the internet. They provide a set of primitive abstract technical infrastructure and distributed computing building blocks, tools and help their clients build applications with increased scalability, flexibility and reliability.

AWS Feature
AWS provides their clients with a wide variety of services which help them experience an amazing cloud journey. They offer a set of cloud-based products including compute, storage, databases, analytics, networking, management tools, IoT, security. They help businesses grow faster, lower IT costs, and scale. AWS can be very beneficial to companies with heavy workloads by helping them in setting up an online database and securing all their data on these databases.

  • Data Lake and Analytics
  • AWS provides the most comprehensive set of services to build your data lake analytics solution, to move, store and analyse your data. Import your data from on-premises in no time on highly secure data lake with a capacity of storage to exabytes. Analytics services provided by AWS helps in analysing the data with the broadest selection of services, through which we can predict future outcomes, and prescribe actions for rapid response.

  • Compute
  • Compute is the most basic step of building an organisation, whether you are building an enterprise, cloud-native or mobile-based applications. Compute service provided by AWS allows you to develop, deploy, run and scale your applications and workloads. AWS is working to be the compute platform at a global level, and are investing to support any workload and business need.

  • Databases
  • AWS offers 15 different purpose-built database engines, from which one can choose according to the needs of their workloads and business. They provide relational databases which are 3-5 times faster than other alternatives, in which you can scale your database’s compute and storage resources easily. AWS offers cluster monitoring to keep your workloads up to focus on higher-value application development.

  • Management Tools
  • AWS management services give their client the ability to innovate faster and maintain control over their costs simultaneously. AWS offers to manage and govern AWS as well as non-AWS resources. Clients have the freedom to enable, provision and operate their environment for both business agility and governance control, and the end to end operational efficiency is provided by AWS.

  • Internet of Things
  • AWS IoT services provide local data collection and analysis, and it is the only service provider to provide data management along with rich analytics. AWS provides services for all layers of security which include preventative security mechanisms, encryption and access control to device data. AWS IoT is built on secure cloud infrastructure and integrates with services through which we can build complete solutions.

  • Networking and Content Delivery
  • AWS provides the most secure set of networking services, with essential security features by isolating resources and encrypting data. AWS delivers the highest network availability with 3 times fewer network downtime from networking issues when compared to other service providers. It delivers customer applications and content anywhere over a private network with consistent high performance.

  • Security
  • Securing the data and workloads is the most important feature of AWS cloud, it provides services to protect your data and workloads from unauthorised access. Encryption, key management and threat detection continuously monitor and protect your accounts and data. AWS provides you with the feature create rules based on which the access is filtered to protect your web applications. AWS continuously monitors the network activity and account behaviour on your cloud environment to detect any kinds of threat and secures your application usage.

AWS is a company that provides a highly secured cloud computing and database to its customers. Securing your data into AWS clouds comes with a wide range of services, which are continuously monitored to provide you with a threat free cloud environment. AWS provides management tools to easily manage all your business data and workloads, which also helps in growing your business faster, lowering your IT costs both at the same time. It provides 3 times faster services when compared with other service providers, and helps their client build applications with higher flexibility and reliability.

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