Saturday 11 January 2020

Amazon EKS introduces Beta version of Amazon FSx for Lustre CSI Driver

The Amazon FSx for Lustre CSI driver has achieved beta status and is now sustained by Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS). The CSI driver composes it elementary to design and utilise FSx for Lustre high functioning file systems with packages on EKS and autonomous Kubernetes clumps functioning on AWS. Amazon FSx for Lustre is an entirely counseled, high functioned file system enhanced for workloads. With FSx for Lustre, one can expeditiously and conveniently swirl up a high-performance file system associated with the S3 data archives, and access S3 objects as files. With the FSx for Lustre CSI driver, one can emphatically equip and mount an FSx for Lustre file system to packages, so that the containerised workloads can constitutionally access and operate data reserved in the file system or S3 data repository. One can utilise the CSI driver to mount and distribute the FSx file system over multiple cases from different nodes. Containerised operations that need high functioning storage can assist from using the FSx for the Lustre file system with the CSI driver. Such features comprise distributed machine learning workloads on the structures such as Tensor-flow and PyTorch, and media refining workloads. Administering high-performance file systems requires specially designed expertise and bureaucratic overhead, required to arrange the storage servers and tune convoluted performance criterion.

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