Thursday 19 December 2019

Now Amazon Connect is accessible in Asia Pacific (Singapore) and Europe (London) AWS Region

Amazon Connect is a cloud-based contact center solution that use to set up and manage a customer contact center. Amazon Connect allows you give reliable customer engagement at any scale. You can set up a contact center in just a few steps, add agents from anywhere, and start engaging with your customers. Now Amazon Connect is available in the Europe (London) and Asia Pacific (Singapore) AWS Region. The spread into a new AWS Region gives you extra choices to provision your Amazon Connect cloud contact center with the other AWS services you utilise. The self-service graphical interface makes it simple to create contact flows, handle agent usage, and track performance metrics. You can design an Amazon Connect cloud contact center with in couple of clicks in Amazon Connect console, permitting your agents to receive calls and chats within minutes. Now you can assert toll free and direct inward dial (DID) telephone numbers from 12 new countries. Amazon Connect supports chat for web and mobile. You can smoothly create natural language chatbot contact flows with Amazon Lex, an AWS AI service that is natively integrated within Amazon Connect and has the same automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology and natural language understanding (NLU) that powers Amazon Alexa. For beginners, you can use AWS Free Tier to try Amazon Connect service. To get the complete list of AWS Regions where Amazon Connect is accessible, refer AWS Region table. And to read more about Amazon Connect, visit the Amazon Connect website.

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