Monday 23 September 2019

Now Amazon EFS CSI Driver Supported by Amazon EKS

Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS) offers an easy, scalable and completely organised elastic network file system NFS for utilization with AWS Cloud Services and on-premises resources. And Amazon EFS CSI (Container Storage Interface) Driver offers a CSI interface which permits Amazon EKS clusters to control the lifecycle of Amazon EFS file systems. And now this CSI driver has introduced beta version and supported by Amazon EKS. This EFS CSI driver is easy to configure elastic file storage for EKS and self-managed kubernetes clusters working on AWS with the help of basic Kubernetes interfaces. Applications executing in Kubernetes can utilize EFS file systems to share data within pods in a scale-out group, or with other applications working inside or outside of Kubernetes. Besides, Amazon EFS support Kubernetes applications be extensively obtainable cause each data written to EFS is corresponded to several AWS Availability Zones. Refer documentation to design a Kubernetes StorageClass and a PersistentVolumeClaim to provision, then reference the PersistentVolumeClaim from the pods that use it. To get more details, go through Amazon EKS and Amazon EFS.

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