Friday 13 September 2019

Amazon EFS limits can be controlled using AWS Service Quotas

Amazon EFS offers an easy, scalable, and completely organised elastic NFS file system for use with AWS Cloud services and on-premises resources. It is designed to scale on demand to petabytes without interrupting applications, increasing and decreasing automatically as you add and remove files, removing the requirement to deliver and control capacity to adjust expansion. Now Amazon EFS helps you manage limits with the help of AWS Service Quotas. Using AWS Service Quotas, you can check and handle your quotas smoothly and at scale as your AWS workloads expand. Quotas, too mentioned to as limits, are the maximum number of resources that you can create in an AWS account. Now you can check your EFS limits and request growths for your account-level EFS limits with the help of Service Quotas through the AWS Console, AWS APIs and AWS CLI. No extra charges applicable for AWS Service Quotas. AWS Service Quotas is obtainable in each AWS region where Amazon EFS is accessible. To get full list of AWS Region where Amazon EFS is available, refer Region Table. To get further information, read Service Quotas and Service Quotas Blog.

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