Saturday, 24 August 2019

AWS Elemental MediaConnect Accessible in Europe (Stockholm) AWS Region

AWS Elemental MediaConnect is a trustworthy, assured, and flexible transport service for live video which allows broadcasters and content holders to create live video workflows and safely share live content with partners and customers. AWS Elemental MediaConnect assists customers who use 24x7 TV channels or stream live events transport high-value live video streams into, through, and out of the AWS Cloud in a fraction of the time and price of satellite or fiber services. AWS Elemental MediaConnect can work as an independent service or inside a big video workflow which covers other AWS services, containing other AWS Elemental Media Services. Now AWS Elemental MediaConnect is accessible in the Europe (Stockholm) AWS Region. With the help of AWS Elemental MediaConnect, you can ingest, transport, and process your high-quality video in the AWS Cloud in numerous locations across world. To get the complete list of AWS Region where AWS Elemental MediaConnect is accessible, refer AWS region table. And to know more about AWS Elemental MediaConnect, go through the documentation.

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