Monday 15 July 2019

Now AWS Glue Feature Is Obtainable In South America (Sao Paulo) AWS Region

AWS Glue is an entirely organized ETL Service (Extract, Transform, Load) which is easy and cost-effective to classify your data, polish it, improve it, and shift it accurately within different data stores. AWS Glue made up of a central metadata repository called as the AWS Glue Data Catalog, an ETL engine which automatically creates Python or Scala code, and a flexible scheduler that manages dependency resolution, job monitoring, and retries. AWS Glue is serverless, so there’s no infrastructure to set up or manage. Now this AWS Glue feature is offered in the AWS South America (Sao Paulo) Region. AWS Glue crawls your data sources, recognizes data formats, and recommends schemas and transformations. AWS Glue can be used to execute serverless queries against your Amazon S3 data lake. AWS Glue automatically produces the code to run your data transformations and loading processes. AWS Glue execute your ETL jobs on Apache Spark environment. To get the entire list of region where AWS Glue is accessible, refer Region Table. And to know further about AWS Glue, read documentation

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