Wednesday 17 July 2019

Now Amazon Kinesis Video Producer SDK Provides Support in C

Amazon Kinesis Video Streams is an entirely controlled AWS service which can utilize to stream live video from devices to the AWS Cloud, or create applications for real-time video processing or batch-oriented video analytics. Also allows you to playback video for live and on-demand viewing, and faster create applications which use benefit of computer vision and video analytics via integration with Amazon Recognition Video, and libraries for ML frameworks such as Apache MxNet, TensorFlow, and OpenCV. The Amazon Kinesis Video Streams Producer libraries are a group of libraries which are segment of the Kinesis Video Streams Producer SDK. Amazon Kinesis Video Streams producer SDKs are free and open software libraries for creating applications which can stream audio and video data straight from an edge device to the AWS cloud for durable storage, playback, and machine learning based processing. Now Amazon Kinesis Video Streams producer SDK is accessible in C. Now developers can pick between C, C++, and Java SDKs to create streaming applications that top fits their edge device platform with this new feature support of producer SDK in C. Linux, MacOS, Windows, and Raspbian platforms can access Producer SDK in C and also further obtainable as a Docker container for deployment. Refer documentation to get more detail information about this feature and region table to get the full list where Amazon Kinesis Video Streams is available.

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