Thursday 4 July 2019

Now Amazon Aurora Provides Cloning Across AWS Accounts

Amazon Aurora is a completely organized relational database service (RDS) which is compatible with MySQL and PostgreSQL that customized to get benefit of that rapid distributed storage. Amazon Aurora covers a high-performance storage subsystem. The storage expands automatically up to 64 terabytes as required. Besides, Amazon Aurora automates and standardizes database clustering and replication. Now you can share your Amazon Aurora DB clusters with different AWS accounts for fast and efficient database cloning. Database cloning is faster than restoring a snapshot and don’t need any extra space while creating. You just need to pay for extra storage if you do data modifications in the cloned DB cluster. When you have different accounts for production and testing then cross-account database cloning could be helpful. The clone can utilize to certify schema modifications, check distinct parameters, and execute analytic queries on production data without giving straight access to the production account or affecting the performance of the production database. To get further details on database cloning, refer Aurora documentation and to create a cross-account database clone, refer AWS Management Console. Aurora integrates with AWS Resource Access Manager (RAM), allowing you to safely share DB clusters with multiple accounts for cloning. To get the complete of AWS Regions where this feature of Aurora and RAM are accessible, refer the AWS Region Table.

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