Tuesday 25 June 2019

Service-Linked Roles Offered By AWS Migration Hub

AWS Migration Hub offers one place to record relocation activities over several AWS tools and partner solutions. AWS Migration Hub helps you to opt the AWS and partner migration tools which perfect suit for your requirements simultaneously giving visibility into the status of your migration projects. Beside, AWS Migration Hub gives key metrics and growth information for distinct applications, despite of which tools are utilized to relocate them. Service-linked roles are defined earlier by Migration Hub and covers all the authority which service needs to utilize other AWS services for you, like the authorization which Migration Hub needs to utilize AWS Application Discovery Service for keeping on-premises discovery information. Now, AWS Migration Hub gives assistance for AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) service-linked roles, a new type of IAM role which lets you to simply assign permissions to AWS services. The inclusion of service-linked roles to Migration Hub further aids with approving migration tools. For example, the service-linked role enables AWS Database Migration Service to send migration status to Migration Hub, without adding extra authorities. This Service-linked roles feature is accessible in each AWS Regions where Migration Hub is available. Current users of Migration Hub do not require to do any action and can continue with current IAM roles, no extra charge for Migration Hub nor for the use of service-linked roles. To begin with Migration Hub, refer AWS Migration Hub Console.

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