Wednesday 12 June 2019

Now CloudEndure Migration Is Accessible At Zero Cost

CloudEndure Migration clarifies, accelerate, and lowers the price of cloud migration by providing an extremely automated lift-and-shift solution. CloudEndure Migration can utilize to rapidly rehost a great amount of machines to AWS without stressing about compatibility, performance disruption, or long cutover windows. An agent-based solution, you can move any applications and databases which execute on supported versions of Windows and Linux OS with CloudEndure Migration. Now CloudEndure provides CloudEndure Migration to relocate applications from any physical, virtual, or cloud-based infrastructure to AWS without any price. This feature is accessible to every AWS customers and partners. You can use CloudEndure Migration to move your applications to any public AWS Region and GovCloud. To begin, register for free CloudEndure Migration licenses. Each free license enables for 90 days of use following agent installation. Throughout this span, you can copy your source machines, run boundless tests, and execute a scheduled cutover to finish your relocation. During free usage of CloudEndure Migration, you will be charged for any AWS infrastructure that is provisioned while relocation and after cutover, like compute (EC2) and storage (EBS) resources. Go through CloudEndure Migration product page or technical documentation to get more information.

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