Friday 28 June 2019

AWS Glue Is Obtainable In AWS EU (Stockholm) Region

AWS Glue is completely organized ETL Service i.e. Extract, Transform, Load. This service is simple for users to arrange and load their data for analytics. You can build and execute an ETL job with just some clicks in AWS Management Console. You can directly point AWS Glue to your data retained in AWS, and AWS Glue finds your data and keeps the related metadata in the AWS Glue Data Catalog. After data entered in catalog, its instantly searchable, queryable, and accessible for ETL. Now AWS EU (Stockholm) Region can access the AWS Glue feature. AWS Glue includes a central metadata repository i.e. AWS Glue Data Catalog. This is an ETL engine which automatically creates Python or Scala code, and a flexible schedule which manages dependency resolution, job monitoring, and retries. AWS Glue is serverless, so there’s no infrastructure to set up or manage. AWS Glue can utilize to design a data warehouse to manage, clean, validate, and format data. To read more information, refer AWS Glue. And to get complete list of regions where AWS Glue is accessible, refer the AWS Region Table.

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