Saturday 1 June 2019

AWS CodeCommit Is Obtainable In AWS GovCloud (US-East) Region

AWS CodeCommit is a completely organized source control service which hosts secure Git-based repositories. This is very simple for teams to work jointly on code in a secure and highly scalable ecosystem. AWS CodeCommit removes the necessity to run your own source control system or concern about scaling its infrastructure. AWS CodeCommit can be used to safely save anything from source code to binaries, and it runs smoothly with your current Git tools. Now accessible in the AWS GovCloud (US-East) Region. To know further on AWS CodeCommit, go through walkthrough or refer console. AWS GovCloud (US) is Amazon’s remote cloud infrastructure and services designed to address particular regulatory and compliance needs of US Government agencies, and also contractors, educational institutions, and other US customers which execute fragile workloads in the cloud. To get complete list AWS Regions where AWS CodeCommit is obtainable, click here.

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