Friday 17 May 2019

Third Availability Zone Added By AWS To The Asia Pacific - Mumbai Region

Amazon cloud computing resources are stored in different locations across global. These locations are collaboration of AWS Regions and Availability Zones. Every AWS Region are located in different geographic areas. And each AWS Region has several, remote locations known as Availability Zones. Availability Zones located in AWS Regions contains one or more individual data centers, all of which has redundant power, networking, and connectivity, and is housed in separate facilities. Each AZ has various internet connections and power connections to multiple grids. Now, AWS adds a new Availability Zone to the AWS Asia Pacific (Mumbai) Region to serve an increasing rate of users and expanding utilization of the Region. This new third availability zone offers users with extra flexibility to design and configure scalable, fault-tolerant, and highly available applications in AWS Asia Pacific (Mumbai), and will give assistance to further AWS services in India. With this new addition of AZ, the AWS global AZ total to 65 AZs within 21 geographic Regions across the globe.

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