Tuesday 28 May 2019

Now AWS Encryption SDK for C is Accessible

The Encryption SDK is a client-side library which makes it simpler for you to execute best-practice encryption. The Encryption SDK for C is being developed in open source in GitHub. The AWS Encryption SDK for C is created to offer a client-side encryption library for developers who are creating applications in C. Additionally, it works as a base for implementations of the AWS Encryption SDK in higher-level programming languages. Now, the AWS Encryption SDK for C is accessible to encrypt and decrypt your data in C and C++ applications. The AWS Encryption SDK for C is thoroughly well functioning and completely compatible with the Java, Python, and CLI implementations. Keyrings are offered by the AWS Encryption SDK for C that assist you to encrypt your data under different wrapping keys, covering keys in several AWS Regions. At the time of decryption, you can define which of the keys that encrypted the data can be utilized to decrypt it. You can describe every keys, a subset of keys, or one specific key, also any region, a subset of regions, or one specific region. For a complete example, refer examples. Go through the AWS Security blog about How to decrypt ciphertexts in multiple regions with the AWS Encryption SDK in C for more information.

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