Saturday 11 May 2019

Amazon GuardDuty Obtainable In AWS Europe (Stockholm) Region

Amazon GuardDuty is a threat detection service which constantly detects for harmful actions and prohibited activities to shield your AWS accounts and workloads. The group and aggregation of account and network actions is clarified, but it can be lenghty process for security teams to constantly examine event log data for potential threats with the cloud. You now have an insightful and inexpensive alternative for ongoing threat detection in the AWS Cloud with the Amazon GuardDuty. The service uses machine learning, anomaly detection, and integrated threat intelligence to spot and prioritize potential threats. GuardDuty studies tens of billions of events over several AWS data sources, like AWS CloudTrail, Amazon VPC Flow Logs, and DNS logs. Now Amazon GuardDuty is accessible in the AWS Europe (Stockholm) Region. Amazon GuardDuty recognizes abnormal or forbidden activity, like crypto-currency mining or infrastructure deployments in a region that has never been used. Powered by threat intelligence and machine learning anomaly detections, GuardDuty is constantly developing to aid you shield your AWS domain. To start your 30-day free trial of Amazon GuardDuty, click here on the GuardDuty Free Trial. Refer AWS Regions page to get the list of all regions where GuardDuty is available.

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