Wednesday, 8 May 2019

11 New Edge Locations Launched By Amazon CloudFront In India, Japan, And United States

Amazon CloudFront is content delivery network (CDN) service which securely provides data, videos, applications, and APIs to users universally with low latency, high transfer speeds. CloudFront is a web service that boosts allocation of your static and dynamic web content, like .html, .css, .js, and image files, to your users. CloudFront provides your content via a global network of data centers called edge locations. CloudFront is combined with AWS – both physical locations which are straightaway linked to the AWS global infrastructure, also with other AWS services. When a user seeks content that you are executing with CloudFront, the user is routed to the edge location that gives the lowest latency (time delay), so the content is offered with the foremost feasible performance. Amazon CloudFront runs smoothly with services covering AWS Shield for DDoS mitigation, Amazon S3, Elastic Load Balancing or Amazon EC2 as origins for your applications, and Lambda@Edge to execute custom code closer to customers’ users and to customize the user experience. Now Amazon CloudFront introduces 11 new Edge locations across the world, containing its first Edge location in Salt Lake City, Utah. The others are United States – Salt Lake City, Utah (New city within the CloudFront network), Boston, Massachusetts, Seattle, Washington, Phoenix, Arizona, Japan – Tokyo, India – Hyderabad x2, Bangalore x2, Delhi x2. To get entire list of CloudFront’s, refer to global locations

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