Friday 12 April 2019

Now Amazon Pinpoint Introduces an Analytics Dashboard

Amazon Pinpoint is an AWS service which you can use to occupy with your customers over different messaging channels. Whether you're a developer, marketer, or business user, you can utilize Amazon Pinpoint to deliver push notifications, emails, SMS text messages, and voice messages by creating a messaging campaign that campaign sends customized messages on a schedule that you specify. Now, Amazon Pinpoint is introducing a new dashboard for transactional SMS messages. This dashboard contains data regarding the number of SMS messages that you sent, the number of messages that were received, and your average delivery rate. Besides, it covers a section that breaks out your message deliveries by country. This data makes it simple to track how many messages you sent to each country or region, moreover the average cost that you spent on sending those messages. This data allows you to rearrange your estimates and delivery performance for transactional SMS messages. Amazon Pinpoint is accessible in multiple AWS Regions, refer AWS Regions and Endpoints. To get further information on new transactional SMS message dashboards, read Amazon Pinpoint User Guide.

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