Tuesday 16 April 2019

New Storage and Host Metrics Added By Amazon RDS Enhanced Monitoring

Enhanced Monitoring metrics are saved in the CloudWatch Logs for 30 days by default. To alter the amount of time the metrics are saved in the CloudWatch Logs, modify the retention for the RDSOSMetrics log group in the CloudWatch console. Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) Enhanced Monitoring, which gives visibility into the health of your Amazon RDS instances, describes physical storage device metrics and secondary instance host metrics. When the Amazon RDS storage is using more than one physical device, Enhanced Monitoring gathers the data for every device. Besides, when the DB instance is functioning in a Multi-AZ configuration, the data for every device on secondary host is gathered also secondary host metrics. Physical device and Multi-AZ secondary host metrics both are accessible on RDS for Oracle, PostgreSQL and MySQL. With data described on every physical device, you can observe how many physical devices make up their volumes, if I/O is balanced over physical devices, and view if latency is uniform over physical devices. You can smoothly integrate Enhanced Monitoring with third-party applications to observe your Amazon RDS DB instances. To get entire list of obtainable metrics and further information about this feature, refer Enhanced Monitoring documentation.

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