Wednesday 3 April 2019

Amazon DynamoDB Reduces The Cost Of Global Tables By Discontinuing Related Prices For DynamoDB Streams

Amazon DynamoDB global tables gives a completely organized solution for deploying a multi-region, multi-master database which offers fast, local, read and write performance for extremely scaled global applications without needing to create and maintain your own replication solution. When you design a global table, you define the AWS regions where you need the table to be accessible. DynamoDB executes each of the required activities to design alike tables in these regions, and propagate ongoing data changes to each of them. Amazon DynamoDB has lessen the cost of global tables by removing related costs for DynamoDB Streams. Earlier, cross-region replication executed by global tables incurred costs for streams. Now, you are not anymore charged for streams resources utilized by global tables for replicating modifications from one replica table to all other replicas. Yet you are charged for any streams utilization executed by your applications that read from a replica table’s stream. Global tables replicate your DynamoDB tables automatically over your choice of AWS Regions. To get more information about Global Tables section, refer DynamoDB Developer Guide.

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