Saturday 2 March 2019

Resource Groups Tagging API Give Assistance For Further AWS Services

Tagging can guide you manage your resources and allows you to clarify resource management, access management and cost assignments. To make complete utilization of the resource groups tagging API operations, you might require further IAM authorization, containing approval to access the resources of separate services as well as permission to view and apply tags to those resources. Now you can utilize the Resource Groups Tagging API to centrally handle tags and find resources for further 10 AWS Services : AWS CloudFormation, AWS CodeBuild, AWS DataSync, AWS Elastic Container Registry, Amazon Elastic Container Service, Amazon FSx, Amazon MQ, Amazon Neptune, Amazon Route53 Resolver, and AWS Step Functions. The Resource Groups Tagging API is an only central point extending over 57 AWS services to programmatically execute operations covering tag resources, untag resources, list unique tag keys, list tag values, and search for resources with particular tags. To get more details and the list of supported AWS Services, refer Resource Groups Tagging API documentation

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