Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Now Offline Content And Offline Search Supported By Amazon WorkDocs Drive

Now, you can utilize WorkDocs Drive offline potentials to access content although you are not joined to the network. Besides, with Smart Search, you and your users can search the content you require in both online and offline modes. WorkDocs Smart Search allows you query over content, comments, and document labels moreover looking for files by name. To start, bring up the WorkDocs Drive application user interface by clicking on the WorkDocs Drive icon, and click on the Gear icon. If you are using Windows it is in the system tray, if you are using Mac it is on the top menu bar. Choose Work Offline to open a dialog box to configure offline access. Amazon WorkDocs Drive will automatically download the current version of the file to your computer. Any modifications you do are automatically updated in Amazon WorkDocs when you are back online. Now this new offline feature is accessible to every WorkDocs customers. No user or administrator activity is needed to start it. To sign up for a 30-day trial or to read further about Amazon WorkDocs.

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