Friday 15 March 2019

AWS IoT Analytics now supports Single Step Setup of IoT Analytics Resources

AWS IoT Analytics is a completely-organized service which makes it simple to execute and operationalize sophisticated analytics on great volumes of IoT data excluding all trouble about the price and difficulty usually needed to create an IoT analytics platform. It is the simplest process to execute analytics on IoT data and get vision to make effective and extra perfect conclusions for IoT applications and machine learning use cases. Now, AWS IoT Analytics declared guidance for single step setup of IoT Analytics resources, that enables you to build your IoT Analytics resources of channel, pipeline, data store, and SQL data set from the IoT Analytics console with just a click of a button, excluding manually configuring IAM role or authorization. Single step setup of IoT Analytics permits you to smoothly setup your IoT Analytics resources, making your data ingestion and resource building more simpler. To start with Single step setup of IoT Analytics, refer AWS IoT Analytics Console. And to get further information on AWS IoT Analytics, click documentation

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