Saturday 9 February 2019

Now, Amazon Transcribe is Accessible in the South America (Sao Paulo)

Amazon Transcribe is an Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) service which makes it simple for you to add a speech-to-text potential to your applications. Amazon Transcribe can be use to design text transcripts of audio and video files. Amazon Transcribe allows companies to improve the accessibility and discoverability of their audio and video content. This speech recognition service is helpful across a spread of use cases. Users connection centers can turn call recordings into text and study the data for actionable intelligence. Media content creators can automate subtitling workflows for large engagement and accessibility. Besides, Marketers and Advertisers can boost content discovery and present extra focused advertising related to the extracted metadata from video files. Now Amazon Transcribe is accessible in the AWS South America (Sao Paulo) Region, Asia Pacific (Sydney), Asia Pacific (Singapore), Asia Pacific (Mumbai), Canada (Central), South America (Sao Paulo), EU (Ireland), EU (London), EU (Paris), US East (Northern Virginia), US East (Ohio), and US West (Oregon). To get detail information on Amazon Transcribe, refer documentation

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