Thursday 21 February 2019

Best Practices For Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)

Choosing The Bucket Location :
Information stored in any Amazon S3 bucket is replicated across various data centers in a geographical region. As, response latencies grow when requests have to travel long way over the internet, you should consider the region you place your objects in. 

Naming Buckets And Keys :
S3 buckets can be named with any alpha-numeric character, following some simple naming conventions will ensure that you can reference your bucket using the  

1. Use 3 to 63 characters. 
2. Use only lowercase letters, numbers, '.' and '-'. 
3. Don't start or end the bucket name with '.' and don't follow or precede a '.' with a '-'. 

Protecting Your Data :
AWS secret key is important to the security of your AWS account. Divulging it could expose data to un-authorize users in your AWS account to being read or changed by others. As such, don't integrate your AWS secret key in a website pages or other publicly accessible URL. Also, don't use keys over insecure channels. Best way, is to encrypt the keys and also the highly sensitive data. 

Ensure Data Integrity : 
Information sent to or retrieved from S3 bucket must often pass over long way of network and through many network objects. Sometimes for any received or send request, data loss or corruption in transit does occur sometimes. Although, Amazon S3 provides a mechanism to detect this and retransmit the data from were issue was detected. 

Efficiently Deleting The Object :
Deleting a large number of objects for which you don't have list can be made faster and easier by using the tick features of the LIST feature. Call LIST to get an set of objects to REMOVE. Call LIST again using the last object deleted as a tick and repeat this process until all desired objects have been removed. 

Utilizing The Compression : 
Compress data you store in Amazon S3. You'll minimize data transmit over the internet as well as storage space utilization. If your application or website has more network latency than system bound, you'll also likely improve overall performance and reliability. Suggestion : 
Based on above parameters, follow all them as it result in the data availability, security and reliability. At the end, you will save cost and it optimized solutions over AWS S3 as compared to traditional services i.e tape drives and backup disks.

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