Wednesday 9 January 2019

Now Resource Tagging is Supported By AWS Step Functions

AWS Step Functions is a web service which allows you to the components of distributed applications and microservices by the use of visual workflows. You design applications from discrete components that each execute a separate function, or task, permitting you to scale and modify applications faster. AWS Step Functions offers a reliable way to organize components and step via the functions of your application. This also gives a graphical console to conceptualize the components of your application as a series of steps. It automatically activates and tracks each step, and tries again when there are errors, so your application runs in order and as assumed, every time. Now you can set AWS tags to your AWS Step Functions resources. You can add or delete resource tags from your AWS Step Functions resources with the help of console, CLI, or SDK. These resource tags are supported by AWS Step Functions in each regions where AWS Step Functions are accessible with no extra charges. To read more about same, refer Tagging in the AWS Step Functions Developer Guide.

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