Thursday 24 January 2019

Benefits Of Amazon Glacier Over Traditional Approaches

Amazon Glacier offers durable storage for each type of data format which can be accessed within 3-5 hours. A developer could use Amazon Glacier in conjunction with storage lifecycle management, moving infrequently used data to computer system to retain your money. It is described as a secure, reliable and low cost storage service designed for data that won’t be frequently accessed, but that you still need to retain for future reference.

Data is stored in Glacier as archives that are uploaded as a single archive, though they can contain multiple files. The archives are organized in vaults, and you can control access to your vaults using the AWS IAM i.e. Identity and Access Management service. You can monitor the status of your Amazon Glacier jobs using the Amazon Glacier APIs, so could include the process within your applications. You can also choose to have your vault send you a notification via the Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) when it completes.

Benefits Over Traditional Approaches:
Glacier is designed to help reduce the costs companies typically over-pay for archiving data. It eliminates the requirement that a company must purchase an expensive archiving solution (which does not include the ongoing cost for operational expenses such as power, facilities, staffing, and maintenance). By offering an elastic inexpensive storage solution, businesses do not have to think what their archiving potential needs and respective charges will be. This eliminates concerns about over-provisioning or under-provisioning these environments while correctly estimating the respective budgets tied to these projects. Amazon Glacier works on pay-as-you-go functionality.

Glacier Select:
Amazon has released a tool that can query archived data held in Amazon Glacier, its low cost storage for data archiving. Glacier Select improves the attractiveness of Glacier because it makes the data stored in it usable.

Amazon Glacier, is intended for data archiving and online backup, with storage costs of as little as $0.01 per gigabyte per month. It is optimized rarely accessed data where a recovering time of multiple hours is acceptable. In AWS re:Invent 2017, the new tool Glacier Select launched by AWS to execute queries right on data stored in Glacier, retrieving only the data you require out of your archives to utilize for analytics.

The data retrieval time takes hours in Amazon Glacier, a SQL query execute on the archive can get back data either as a bulk retrieval requires up to 12 hours, standard retrieval in 3-5 hours, or expedited retrieval taking 1-5 minutes. You're told when a query is complete with Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS), and you can define the Amazon S3 bucket where you desire the output results to be saved.

Previously, if you needed to utilize the data saved in Amazon Glacier archive in any way you had to bring back the complete archive. The Select tool has an API which can be utilized to retrieve the corresponding data only for your query from the Amazon Glacier archive. Shortly, Amazon Glacier Select will integrate with Amazon Redshift Spectrum and Athena thus Glacier will become more integrated with the other data saved in Amazon storage.

Glacier Select can be used for operations such as auditing and pattern matching over huge amounts of data which is archived in Amazon Glacier. Like, Amazon Glacier Select can be utilized to search and retrieve only records equivalent to specific account or only billing data for a specific user.

New in Glacier:
Amazon S3 Glacier Deep Archive (available early 2019) is a new storage class that delivers the lowest cost of any storage service at $0.00099 per GB-month (less than one-tenth of one cent, or $1 per TB-month). With Amazon S3 Glacier Deep Archive, users who have huge data sets they need to maintain for a long time will be able to remove the cost and management of tape infrastructure while assuring that their data is expertly saved for future utilization and analysis. It is the ultimate service for archiving data, for example medical records, media archives, and regulated financial services data.

Amazon S3 Glacier allows any kind of business or company to easily and cost effectively keep data for any number of months, years, or decades. With Amazon S3 Glacier, Now users can keep their extensive data for future analysis or reference. 
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