Friday 4 January 2019

99.9% Service Level Agreement Declared By Amazon EFS

Amazon Compute Service Level Agreement (SLA) is a policy governing the use of the Included Products and Services (listed below) by you or the entity you represent (“you”) under the terms of the AWS Customer Agreement (the “AWS Agreement”) between Amazon Web Services, Inc. and its affiliates (“AWS”, “us” or “we”) and you. AWS has issued a service level agreement (SLA) for Amazon Elastic File System EFS, which offers availability assurance for Amazon EFS file systems. Now commercially, AWS will use rational endeavours to make Amazon EFS accessible with a Monthly Uptime Percentage, throughout any monthly billing rotation, of at least 99.9% (the “Service Commitment”). In the event Amazon EFS does not encounter the Service Commitment, you will be worthy to accept a Service Credit as narrated in the Amazon EFS Service Level Agreement. Now, this SLA is accessible in each AWS region where Amazon EFS is available.

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