Friday 7 December 2018

Resource Tagging is now supported by Amazon MQ

Amazon MQ is a managed message broker service for Apache ActiveMQ that makes it simple to build and run message brokers in the cloud. Amazon MQ minimizes your operational weight by handling the provisioning, setup, and maintenance of ActiveMQ, a famous open-source message broker. Now you can allocate AWS resource tags to your Amazon MQ brokers and configurations. Tags allows you to categorize your AWS resources in several ways, like by cost center or owner, that clarifies the way of cost assignment. You can recognize an Amazon MQ message broker or configuration faster related to the tags allocated to it with resource tagging. A tag is a custom attribute that you can allocate to AWS resources which contains a user-defined key-value pair. You can add/remove resource tags from your Amazon MQ resources with the Amazon MQ console, API, CLI, or SDK, and assign up to 50 tags per resource. AWS resource tags are now supported by Amazon MQ in every region where Amazon MQ is accessible.

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