Wednesday 26 December 2018

Introducing Rule Group Exceptions for Managed Rules for AWS WAF

Now AWS WAF assists rule group exceptions, permitting you to disallow separate rules within a managed rule group. You can select which rules inside the rule group must rejected and set in count-only mode, averting those rules from blocking a request. This will permit you to alter the behavior of a managed rule group so that it can be modified to your distinctive environment. Typically, any customization within the managed rule group needed you to reach out to your managed rules supplier. Now, you can eliminate seperate rules inside a managed rule group and alter the activity for the rule to COUNT. Therefore, requests which equivalent a rejected rule are counted, but not blocked. This aids you attempt out new managed rule groups for AWS WAF, behave quicker to abnormal conditions, and offers you more control over your web ACLs. This feature has been enabled for all customers at no additional cost. For more details, please visit AWS WAF Documentation.

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