Monday 10 December 2018

AWS Organizations Integration Introduced by AWS Service Catalog

AWS Service Catalog enables you to centrally handle frequently deployed IT services, and aids you get uniform governance and meet your compliance needs, while allowing users to swiftly deploy only the accepted IT services they require. AWS Organizations offers policy-based management for multiple AWS accounts. Now this AWS Service Catalog integrates with AWS Organizations, with this feature you can clarify sharing of AWS Service Catalog portfolios over member accounts in your organization. AWS Service Catalog administrators do not require to have the receiving account ID or portfolio ID on hand. With manually sharing portfolio and account Ids, your time will be saved and the risk of error will be minimized. With the use of your organization’s master account, you can share portfolios to member accounts by referencing current organizational unit or organization ID without leaving AWS Service Catalog. Go through this links to obtain more information on AWS Service Catalog and AWS Organizations

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