Thursday 13 December 2018

Amazon RDS improves Automatic Minor Version Upgrades

Auto Minor Version Upgrade is a feature that you can allow to have your database automatically boosted when a new minor database engine version is available. Now, Amazon RDS contains improvement to the Auto Minor Version Upgrade feature for Amazon RDS database instances. It is simple to view when a minor version upgrade is planned to be applied to your database instance in the AWS Console or via the DescribePendingMaintenanceActions API. Also you can select to apply an available minor version upgrade instantly in just few clicks or via the ApplyPendingMaintenanceAction API. Moreover, you will get an Amazon RDS event notification when a new minor version upgrade is available for your database instance or database cluster. This is helpful when you are handling a huge number of database instances and would like to be informed when engine version upgrades are available. You can engross Amazon RDS event notifications via the Amazon SNS or Amazon CloudWatch Events. These improvements are available for the MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle, PostgreSQL and SQL Server database instances in all AWS Regions.

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