Tuesday 3 July 2018

Formula 1 choose AWS Cloud to provide greater insight into the game

formula 1

Amazon Web Services is being adopted by many companies that enhance the IT part of the company sector. Well, now Formula 1 has chosen Amazon Web Services Cloud to upgrade their overall computing power. They are going use the AWS Machine Learning expertise to provide deeper insight into the game for broadcaster and fans.

AWS will be the first company in the Cloud computing market that will provision Machine Learning Service to the Formula 1 and the company’s logo will appear on screen TV graphics. This means that AWS is growing stronger as ever by providing service to the international companies globally.

Formula 1 will be moving majority of its data from the on-premises data centers to the AWS Cloud. They will be also opting for many other several AWS data analytics tool so to provide insight on the sport which can change in milliseconds.

The partnership with the cloud leader depicts that how Formula 1 is changing the way the sport relates to the fan based by providing detailed real-time data insights and increasing fan engagement with in-depth insights. AWS Cloud Platform will use the data from every race and gives fans the prediction about the strategies and decisions that are been adopted by the drivers and the teams.

Formulas 1 data scientist can predict the right time to pit for the fresher tires and they can also identify if the driver is performing at the level of the car’s performance. This info helps greatly for the people who are keen to know in-depth knowledge about the current game's performance.

Pete Samara, Director of Innovation and Digital Technology at Formula 1 said that AWS performs better than the other Cloud providers in the Cloud computing market when it comes to speed, reliability, scalability, partner community, global reach and a wide variety of cloud service available.

He said that they can provide better insights and real-time predictions to fans with the help of AWS Machine learning services and Amazon SageMaker. Formula 1 Technology team are excited to know that the Formula 1 motorsports division will run compute workloads in a scalable environment on AWS Cloud. This will help the team to create and develop new car design rules for Formula 1.

AWS and Formula 1 strategic partnership will help both the company in acquiring such a deal and it will also help Formula 1 to offer robust game insights to its fans and broadcasters. 

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