Tuesday 10 July 2018

AWS is building a platform that is focused on customer-centric channel ecosystem

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As so many organization are making the switch to the cloud by migrating their workloads to the AWS Cloud infrastructure, the customer now demands more specialized skills which the partner have to fulfill with the changing customer expectations. 

Nick Walton, Managing director of ASEAN at AWS said that a future partner of the Amazon Web Services will be those who can maximize the cloud journey of the customers. He said that the customers’ demands are been given the first priority which is the 90 or 95 percent of their blueprint plan that is totally based on what the customer need. So they are literally implementing this idea and it’s not just a catchphrase.

When the enterprises move their heavy workloads to the cloud they expect the partners to have specific skill sets such as Cloud managed services, big data, internet of things, machine learning and artificial intelligence. When Walton was speaking to Channel Asia he specifically said that the future partners will be those who can provide a full suite of services and products to the customers. A partner who can deploy and manage the AWS efficiently for the customers and help the customer’s save the money. But anyhow the partner cannot do this alone and require assistance from the vendors to win customers and deliver an exemplary service.

Thus, Walton said that it is their responsibility to invest heavily in Amazon Partner Network so that the partners can continue to deliver and build a successful cloud business on AWS Cloud. 

They want to safeguard their partners by continuously delivering programs that enable AWS consulting partner success and help the independent software vendors to build Software as a Service business on AWS Cloud, thus this will help the customer find the right partner with the right expertise with the ever-growing new partner competencies in the AWS cloud market. 

The AWS partner network consists of Independent software vendors and AWS consulting partner such as the managed service providers and system integrators. Wherein 2017, it was estimated to be 10,000 partners to join the AWS partners growing network with the majority of the partners locating outside of the United States. Most of the AWS partners are system integrators and AWS consultancies that are adapting AWS Cloud expertise so to help the customers prepare, manage, migrate, and scale the business via AWS optimized Cloud Environment. He added that as they are realizing this change they are also finding the most successful optimized cloud environment and add more value to this cloud platform.

AWS being a Hyper-Scale Cloud computing provider has more demand for data centers in Singapore and on all Asia Pacific AWS Regions. Now the demand for leased data centers services is going to increase furthermore in the foreseeable future because of the rise in a born-in-the-cloud business that is increasingly coming online. Such businesses are increasing with a great demand for a hyper-scale cloud infrastructure thus this has led to the transformation of the partner ecosystem on all the AWS Regions. Partners have adapted to the ever changing customers' needs by delivering computing resources and software through a cloud-based delivery model instead of encouraging on-premise hardware and licensed software. 

There is a rise in born-in-the-cloud consulting partners and Independent Software vendors so they are developing AWS continuously so that the partners are fully capable of delivering the best service experience of the Amazon Web Services. 

Cloud computing technologies that are surging in the cloud market are artificial intelligence, Internet of things, Data analytics and machine learning. Such technologies are the core of the customer experiences that AWS partner deliver. Amazon Web Services has heavily invested in these technologies and the need for Artificial Intelligence has spread across many teams. They assigned a group which is referred to as the core machine learning group which is committed to spreading AI in all organizations and investing in the research related to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.  

About Cloud.in:

Cloud.in is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner that delivers AWS managed services that cater every business need and aims in simplifying the AWS Cloud Journey. Our Team is the driving force behind Cloud.in with the experience, knowledge, and the skills that they behold in making cloud computing and AWS Cloud a pleasant experience. 

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