Wednesday 25 July 2018

AWS has announced new SBE1 Amazon EC2 instances for the AWS Snowball Edge with the new release of EC2 on Snowball Edge

With the release of Amazon EC2 on Snowball Edge, AWS has announced Amazon EC2 instances especially designed for Snowball. Snowball is used by the customers in manufacturing, military, mining, retail, and energy industry so to collect the data in remote locations and ship the devices and the data back to AWS Cloud with the standard freight carrier. Snowball device can also operate pre-processing tasks using the AWS Simple Storage Service, AWS Lambda functions, and AWS Greengrass. The new SBE1 now comes with the new 1.8 GHz Intel Xeon D processors with 32 GB of memory and 24 vCPUs. These instances are available in all sizes and instances and they can be managed via the AWS Command Line Interface or SDK or by using the standard AWS Tools. 

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