Thursday 19 July 2018

Amazon Elastic MapReduce now adds support for Oozie 5.0.0 and Hue 4.2.0

The Amazon Elastic MapReduce release 5.15.0 now allows you to use Hue 4.2.0 and Apache Oozie 5.0.0. Hadoop User Experience 4.2.0 added several features such as improved search UX that can search through tables, saved queries, SQL syntax checker, and UX improvements. Oozie 5.0.0 also adds several features integration with YARN application master to manage and submit jobs, improved DAG Visualization of the workflows and other performance improvements. You can also use the upgraded version of the Apache ZooKeeper (3.4.12), Apache Hive (2.3.3) and Apache HBase (1.4.4) with bug fixes and stability improvements. Amazon Elastic MapReduce is a managed Hadoop Framework that is a cost-effective, easy and quick way to process a large amount of data on scalable Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute Instances. Amazon EMR Cluster can be created with the release 5.15.0 by selecting the “emr- 5.15.0 from the AWS Command Line Interface, AWS SDK or AWS Management Console. 

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