Friday 20 July 2018

Amazon Elastic File System now adds support for Provisioned Throughput

AWS announced that have now added Provisioned Throughput for Amazon Elastic File System. With the latest update, the Amazon Elastic File System allows you to provision the throughput for the amount of application data that is stored in the file system which further help you to optimize the throughput of the application’s performance. You can fulfill a wide range of performance requirements with the help of Amazon Elastic File System. Earlier the throughput to the application was provisioned according to the amount of the data stored in the Amazon Elastic file system. The Provisioned Throughput provides more throughputs for the applications that require more throughput than the Amazon Elastic File System can handle where on the other hand Amazon EFS throughput bursting offers throughput that is suitable for a majority of the applications.  The throughput of the file system can be configured through AWS Command Line Interface, AWS API or AWS Management Console. You will be billed separately for the amount of the storage utilized for the throughput provisioned. 

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