Sunday 8 July 2018

Amazon Elastic Container Registry adds support for Lifecycle Policies

Amazon Elastic Container Registry has now added support for setting lifecycle rules so with this latest update you don’t have to add any tags value. Now customer will be able to easily set rules so to automate the container image clean up in the Amazon elastic Container Registry repositories. Earlier you had to create a rule so to filter the tagged container images and then specify the tag value. Now doing this made it difficult to select the images which were tagged automatically with the computer-generated value which is common practice for the image pushed to the Amazon Elastic Container Registry from the CD/CI pipeline. Now with the latest update, you can now select all the images which are tagged and untagged in the single rule and then filter on other images without having to specify the tag value. By adding this rule tagStatus = “Any” for the Amazon ECR Lifecycle policies you can enable this new feature. 

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