Monday 16 July 2018

Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute F1 instances is updated with performance improvements and new features

 As Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute F1 instances were released last year, AWS now so far have seen an overwhelming response by the partners, developers and customers and the research community. F1 instances are being used to leverage various applications that will depend on the data analytics, image and video processing, genomic processing and machine learning. AWS has announced new updates for Amazon EC2 F1 with new features and performance improvements. The Amazon FPGA software is been upgraded to a new FPGA Developer AMI version. The new development tools support up to 60 kernels where previously it used to only support 16 which has now enabled the computing power for C/C++. The Direct memory access performance is been increased by 5x which will deliver high speed and performance. You can check here for complete list of features and upgrades here

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