Tuesday 31 July 2018

Amazon EC2 Fleet adds support for two new allocation strategies that is Lowest Price and Prioritized List

Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute Fleet has new support for Two new allocation strategies that will help you specify how the EC2 Fleet should select from the instances and AZs to fulfill the desired capacity. Earlier you had the option to select the cheapest instance pool for On-Demand and spot or extend the spot instance on multiple instance types and AZs in the EC2 Fleet. Now with the latest support, you can prioritize the list and balance the desired cost. Now you can use the Prioritized list to launch those instances first that you desired to launch so this feature lets you specify in which EC2 Fleet attempts to fulfill the On-Demand Capacity. You can also now balance the availability and cost by directing EC2 Fleet to deploy spot capacity equally on the N lowest priced instance Instance Pools. 

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