Monday, 25 June 2018

The New Quick Start allows you to deploy Jupiter on AWS Cloud

You can now Deploy Jupiter on Amazon Web Service Cloud with the new Quick Start in just about one hour. You can deploy Jupiter is a component of Cognizant’s adaptive data foundation offering and Cognizant’s data testing accelerator on the AWS Cloud. In the AWS Cloud you can now operate and automate the quality assurance tests on the data stored in Amazon S3, Apache Hive on Amazon Elastic MapReduce and Amazon Redshift. After deploying the Jupiter on the AWS Cloud you can now configure the databases and the sources for Jupiter to test, view the dashboard with the details of the most recent test run, integrate Jupiter with defect management tools like the HP ALM or Jira to enable traceability, configure the source code management repositories for deploying the test scripts and try a group of sample test projects with sample datasets for Apache Hive and Amazon S3.

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