Monday 25 June 2018

AWS has now teamed up with Autodesk to promote generative design by giving out free cloud credits


Amazon Web Services and Autodesk have teamed to promote a new design technology called generative design. Generative Designer assists the designer to explore all types of designs for a product.

Generative design provisions different options for product designs that are based on the set of features such as manufacturing methods to be utilized, materials and the product’s weight. Using Machine Learning and Cloud for designing products can offer tons of different designs options.

Autodesk had launched generative design in April into its product development tool which is called Autodesk Fusion 360 Ultimate. Now Autodesk has made a strategic plan for encouraging the adoption of its technology by teaming up with AWS and giving away free cloud credits to 1000 new subscribers to Fusion 360 ultimate.

Autodesk customers with their Fusion 360 Ultimate subscription already get 1000 cloud credits so that it can be used to run generative design studies in the AWS Cloud. The new customers will get an additional 500 credits because of the promotion which soon kicks off from July 1.

The Autodesk company in its blog post said that “Generative design isn’t just transformative for the product development process but it is a scalable technology with a possibility to shake the manufacturing industry for the better.” Autodesk Generative design offers engineer and designers different options with a view in providing full design exploration solution. 

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