Friday 11 May 2018

Ryanair Irish Airline shifting all its data to the AWS Cloud

aws cloud

Irish Airline Ryanair is shifting the majority of its data centers and migrating his infrastructure to Amazon Web Services. Ryanair Airline already runs various workloads on AWS Public Cloud including and Ryanair rooms but now they are planning to go all in AWS in over the next three years. 

They are rebuilding and transforming legacy systems into the cloud-based by standardizing them on AWS services including machine & deep learning and databases. Ryanair is planning to build a data lake on Amazon Simple Storage Service are still in progress by using the Amazon Kinesis to stream data and help it gather insights from wider business data and customers. The firm is already using Amazon Lex to route customer support requests. 

The AWS Machine Learning solution lab is getting utilized to develop an application to feature surges in demand for certain forecast and flights schedule changes. But this will be only for little use when the airports suffer from computer glitch which normally happens time to time. 

“By migrating from Microsoft SQL server to Amazon Aurora we will be able to run on the largest email marketing campaigns in Europe with high performance at just fraction of the cost,” Ryanair said. With Amazon Aurora, they can send out 22 million emails a day about sales events or travel bookings. At the start of its entrepreneur journey, he was tights on its budget and cost so they hired a couple of teenagers to build their first website. And whenever they heard any good ideas they use to keep them away so to keep control over their cost. But over the years they learnt that it is a time to embrace tech so to gracefully be ahead or keep pace with its competitors. 

Mike Clayville, AWS Vice President of Global commercial sales said that many businesses are deploying their new applications to the cloud by default and they are looking ways to migrate as many as an existing application as they can as soon as possible. 

Cloud computing in its early years was questionable but now it has become a revolution in the technology itself. Many businesses are adopting cloud services for scaling their IT applications so to increase their availability and scalability. AWS Cloud in that aspect has come forward and has then to be innovative and introduced many new features, updates and new services every day, every month and every year. Every business wants to earn profit, growth and save additional expenses. Amazon Web Services is helping many businesses innovate new IT products and software with quality and durability offered with it. No doubt AWS is dominating Cloud Market because of its exceptional service offered with pay as go method which helps business save cost.  

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