Tuesday 29 May 2018

BlockShipping Company announced that they have choosen AWS as their cloud platform provider

aws blockshipping

BlockShipping is going to build a platform that will enable the global container shipping industry to possibly save USD 5.7 billion per year. They are also expected to decrease the global CO2 emission by at 4.6 million tons yearly. So to reach this goal they will need access to the enterprise-grade infrastructure and global scale right away. Peter Ludvigsen, CEO at BlockShipping said that they are pleased to choose AWS as their Cloud Platform provider and they are also pleased that AWS has invited them to join their start-up development program ‘AWS Activate’. AWS Activate programs provide resources to the start-up so that they can quickly get started with Amazon Web Services.

Peter Ludvigsen has worked in the Information Technology part of the container shipping industry from past 39 years. Peter had first started using AWS when he was working as Chief Information Officer for the global shipping platform INTTRA. With his earlier experience working with AWS has made him known about its capabilities and its expertise in the technology stack. But now as the start-up, they not only want to leverage from the capability but also get the access to support from Amazon Web Service global network and knowledge base via the AWS Activate program.

BlockShipping has teamed up with Nordiac AWS partner Keycore so to efficiently set up the Amazon Web Services infrastructure. AWS partner offer managed services that will help the company with their expertise and experience to find solutions for them. 

Blockshipping is planning to fulfil the development plan for the GSCP platform and they have already started to gain a global container carrier as the first user and customer of the Platform. Peter Ludvigsen said that they are proud to say that their Blockshipping Company has obtained confirmation from a Global Container carrier that will join their GSCP platform as their first customer.  

BlockShipping is a blockchain based GSCP platform which is the world’s first freight container registry and the first global platform that allows all the other players in the shipping industry to perform transaction related to the handling of containers.

With the growing security threats, over capacity, low freight rates and increasingly environment regulations it is been realised that they need efficiency, fundamental digital transformation and improved processes to ensure the profitability. They have now launched GSCP platform that will help to manage all kinds of transactions that will relate to container handling. So to provide this efficient process to the other players in the shipping industry they have now teamed up with Amazon Web Services so to offer improved solution relating to the GSCP platform. AWS will help BlockShipping for delivering efficient performance by enabling savings and global adoption with its cloud computing resources with high availability and scalability.

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